Seeking Artists, Tour Dancers, and Models for the Do It Big Mega Tour

We are currently pushing off an all new tour experience that will allow artists to benefit from paid gigs while breaking barriers such as the lack of fan support, poor quality shows and little to no exposure or recognition. We have worked with great booking agents in the past and have created an alternative format to get you placed in front of an audience at a low cost while gaining experience and pay based on your commitment and fan draw. Ladies seeking to further their desire to become dancers have the option to become Official "Do It Big" Girls for our shows which also gives the benefit of VIP seating, promotion and commission based on social media influence and overall content creation. The Do It Big Mega Tour also capitalizes on brands; therefore, there will be opportunities available for ladies that seek to become brand ambassadors for bottled water companies. So, if you have the talent, drive, and the confidence, then this extravaganza may be perfect for you! Visit the rest of the site to learn more on how to join these amazing opportunities or simply post your comment here! Let's Do It Big!