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Understanding the Game

Put short and simple. So you have talent, you just recorded a "hit" but don't know what to do next.

3 problems we help you to deface:


"Quote on Quote" The "rap game "is actually a "music industry" with respect to all genres of music; therefore, business must be conducted! With any business there are relationships that need to be formed ie. artist -to- producer, artist -to- manager, manager -to- promoter, etc. Without the skill to conduct effective and wise business decisions, your career will remain a "game" and not make it to the "pros"!


Managers? A common misconception that artists make, is that "I need a manager", well in fact, perhaps you do, but the problem is "who pays who". Besides the fact that you are your first investor, would you go to a restaurant and expect for the cashier to give you a job? NO. You would probably seek the manager or someone in managerial position. Well its the same for the music industry. I have witnessed too many artist waste time and money on chasing down other artists (cashiers) and asking for a job (to get put on)....It doesn't work like that! Likewise, in fast food, the manager pays the cashier, but here in the music industry, you must pay the manager! The time and money a manager puts into the artist transforms you into the cashier, you got to bring in the dough! Ultimately, you pay for what you get!


We don't charge for consultations! That's right! "If" you can get through the lines! But, why pay for consultations? Well that's simple too. Although, consultations does weed out those without a budget, and are designed to attract artists with a plan instead of mere ideas, we are seeking only the best artists/models, so talk is cheap! lol. But do understand that a mechanic charges for his knowledge. If you knew how to fix the problem you wouldn't be here! So take advantage of the opportunity and avoid on average a $200 to $275 consultation fee asides listening sessions and demo submissions. Your goal is to get the "white card" and take the next step at "fixing" an idle career!