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For Producers

You will never get discovered until you discover a "hit producing" artist!

Why should you market with Newbourne Musik?

  • Record Labels often seek producers as their primary focus: Music has the ability to alter moods and creates enjoyment. When a song is ready for distribution, the first observation is the instrumental in opposition to lyrics. Thus, if the beat is catchy, then many tastemakers, including artists and repertory, decides then on the potential of the song.
  • Music industry officials often seek branded artists with access to great production, not only for potential hires, but for their current roster as well. New projects requires new beats that are current with time!
  • Most artists whom have had their music professionally reviewed would agree that one of the first questions asked is "Who did the production?" If your artist is serious, then somewhere along the lines you will find credits that are due to his production team.

So what does all this mean?

Newbourne Musik Group has an artist roster that has undergone a prestigious checklist. This sets us apart from any other advertising agency due to criteria requirements during the application process. That's why we are here to not only build brands but to solidify and encourage artist -to- producer relationships for the mutual benefit. We offer an unparalleled networking experience where producers benefit by:

  • Networking with Artists that have are career driven and in the marketing/ branding stage of development
  • Getting the exposure that it takes to start earning maximum revenue from your productions
  • Increased beat sales using digital ads or simply checking in from time to time on potential clients

Bottom Line: Producers that supplies to hit-makers, are demanding to be heard in big business!